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Ashe Idol winners announced

Fifteen students from Ashe County participated in last week’s Ashe Idol competition, including: first row, from left, Aubreana Lovell, Stanley Burgess and Noah Farmer; second row, from left, Alexis Parks, Katie Poe, Jada McClure, Kayra Osborne, Nicholas Chamberlain and Abby Manley; and third row, from left, Calli Phipps, Meghan Blevins, Whittney Spangler and Heather Travers. Not pictured is Brett Grubb.

The ACHS choir have several performances planned, including:

  • Spring Choral Concert at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 9, at First Baptist Church of West Jefferson
  • Olde Towne Market at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 18, at Museum of Ashe County History in Jefferson
  • Senior Awards on Friday, May 31, at Ashe County High School in West Jefferson
  • Graduation at 7 p.m. Friday, June 7, at Ashe County High School in West Jefferson.
Originally published: May. 2, 2013
Last modified: May. 2, 2013

Heather Samudio

Four Ashe County students were named the winners of the 4th Annual Ashe County Idol Competition on Tuesday, April 23.

Winners were Noah Farmer for the K-3 division, Nicholas Chamberlain for the fourth to sixth grade division, Abby Manley for the seventh to ninth grade division and Heather Travers for the 10th to 12th grade division.

Each winner received a trophy, Visa gift card and an opportunity to sing at the Olde Towne Market on Saturday, May 18.

Prior to Tuesday’s finale, auditions were held April 11 and April 18 when area students from kindergarten through 12th grade performed before the Ashe County High School choir and ACHS choral director Andrea Gardner.

The choir students judged the first round of kindergarten through ninth grade students while Gardner judged the 10th through 12th grade contestants.

Fifteen students were chosen to compete in the finale in the ACHS auditorium.

Cameron Current served as the master of ceremonies while Connie Hardison, Jane Lonon and Rebecca Herman were the official judges.

Admission to the event allowed individuals to vote once for each division. The audience vote counted for 40 percent of the final score and the judges made up the remaining 60 percent of the score.

Participants were Stanley Burgess, Noah Farmer and Brett Grubb, all of Westwood Elementary and Aubreana Lovell of Mountain View Elementary, in the K-3 division; Nicholas Chamberlain of Mountain View in the fourth to sixth grade division; Jada McClure of Ashe County Middle School and Abby Manley of Ashe County High School in the seventh to ninth grade division; and Meghan Blevins, Kayra Osborne, Alexis Parks, Calli Phipps, Katie Poe, Whittney Spangler and Heather Travers, all of ACHS, in the 10th to 12th grade division.

According to Gardner, Ashe Idol was begun as an opportunity for students in the school system to show off their singing abilities through a friendly competition while promoting music in the schools and raising funds for the ACHS choir.

The money raised from the event assists the choir in purchasing items they need, including CD players, sound system items, folders, music and other items. Gardner said it has also assisted the choir with attending music festival trips.

Taylon Miller, Hanna Jones and Hayley Johnson, last year’s winners of the elementary, middle school and high school divisions, respectively, performed while the judges tallied the votes. Also performing during the intermission was the ACHS choir.

“We were very pleased with the enthusiasm displayed by all participants and their families,” Gardner said. “The 4th Annual Ashe Idol was a great success and we would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and encouragement for our high school choral program.”

Gardner said they were very thankful for all the folks who helped make the event a success, including the participants, the master of ceremonies, the judges, the sound crew of Travis Bennett and Zach Gouge, choral parents Bobbie Church and Brandon and Nikki Anderson and the parents of the participants as well as individuals who attended the event.

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