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New home is dream come true for Ashe Pregnancy Care Center

The Ashe Pregnancy Care Center expects to be in their new home at 346 Main Street in
Jefferson by the end of the month.

APCC Wish List and Ongoing Needs

  • Prayer
  • Volunteers
  • Large diapers (size 3 and 4)
  • Gently used/ new clothing for pregnant women and children up to age 3
  • Toys
  • Baby beds, bassinets, high chairs and other equipment
  • Subscriptions to Christian parenting magazines
  • Stamps
  • Baby showers for the center


Wish list for new home

  • Seeking new or nearly new items
  • Microwave
  • Toaster oven
  • Furniture for the deck
  • Newer computers to be used for the GED program (computers than can access WiFi)
  • A nice, new sign to be placed out front
  • New leather or Naugahyde furniture which is easier to spray clean that fabric covered furniture
  • Group to build a play area in the back yard
  • Someone to do landscaping around the home
  • Volunteers to help with cleaning, packing and moving the items from the former location

**To offer you or your group’s assistance, call (336) 846-4100 to set up an appointment.

Originally published: Feb. 13, 2013
Last modified: Feb. 13, 2013

Heather Canter

The Ashe Pregnancy Care Center is celebrating its 20th year of service to the county with a dream come true.

Since APCC received their nonprofit status in 1994, “it has been our dream to own a home for the ministry,” said APCC Executive Director Roger Newton.

The new location, at 346 Main Street in Jefferson, just off the four-lane, is below the barbershop.

The benefits of owning the new home, instead of renting, offers many benefits to APCC’s ministry, according to Newton.

“We can offer more classes, store more furniture and our visibility is better. We were hidden in our former location, but now we’re out here on the four-lane,” Newton said. “We will also be able to expand our GED program.”

“Our girls are already excited and anxious for classes to start back,” Angela Reece, APCC board chairwoman, said. “The classes can be larger. Those types of things will see the benefits right away.”

New classes offered by APCC include cooking, homemaking classes, diapering, cloth diapering, child birthing classes, parenting classes, life skill classes, nursing and expanded GED services.

Some of their supporters and Christian groups use the facility for Bible studies and space was limited in the former location. In the new home, there will be plenty of room to accommodate the groups.

Newton said they also plan to provide a location to meet with adoption agencies at APCC but said the group’s most important focus is not what they want to do with the new building.

“We want to be open to what God wants us to do and not follow our own expectations,” Newton said. “We must be in prayer about what he wants. He blessed us with this place.”

APCC offers mentoring to clients facing an unanticipated, stressful pregnancy, regardless of age, race, creed or marital status. They also work to help with the needs of the client’s family and the baby’s father.

Numerous volunteers have worked and offered their services to help ready the new location for APCC staff and volunteers, as they begin the process of moving in and setting up their offices. Reece and her husband, Max, have been cleaning and painting throughout the interior of the house, donating their time to help.

In addition, Beck Builders changed the building’s electrical boxes, while Pasley Heating tuned up the heating sources.

Newton says the center’s goal is to pay off the building this year to free funds for other services. They are also hoping to get more volunteers to work with the center, and help with fundraising events, including volunteering at the center and praying for the center and its mission.

For individuals who are interested in donating to APCC, and to aid the center’s mission to help area mothers and their families, can make a financial donation, offer time to volunteer or can include the organization in their will.

Newton said APCC is set up to receive bequeathments and endowments, and donors can even set these types of gifts up to begin while they’re still living.

The work is not finished, according to Newton, who said carpenters, landscapers, cleaners and movers would be welcomed to help APCC finish the minor updates to the home.

An open house is planned for March or April, according to Newton, though a date has not yet been set. 

For more information about the center, call (336) 846-4100, email Newton at ( or visit or 

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