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Second graders learn about sharing with neighbors

Holly McClure's second grade students from Westwood line up along the shelves in the food
pantry at the Sharing Center on Tuesday to listen to TSC's Michael Sexton tell about going
through more than 100 cases of food in their efforts to feed area residents.

Originally published: Dec. 5, 2012
Last modified: Dec. 5, 2012

Heather Canter

Second grade students from Westwood had the chance to learn more about sharing and how they can help fellow Ashe Countians.

The Sharing Center in downtown West Jefferson welcomed Holly McClure's class on Tuesday morning as they brought in food items to donate to the center.

Each student got to add their items to the shopping cart inside the center and see the items collected and offered for families in need.

After the students added their items to the food pantry, Michael Sexton of TSC told the students and their teachers about what they do and where the food and other collected items go.

“We serve 515 families per month,” Sexton told the group, adding that they generally serve the families one time per month.

The center will go through 100 cases of vegetables and 40 cases of cereal per month. Sexton said there were 61 families, 175 people, assisted yesterday.

“Most of our money comes from churches and individual donations,” Sexton said. “We also have 80+ volunteers from various churches.”

Some churches give money each month or send in volunteers weekly. TSC receives some grants, but depend heavily on the donations.

TSC is one of a handful of food pantries in the county and only provides food to last for three or four days because that is all they can afford to give and still help other families.

“If everybody does a little bit, it really can make a difference,” McClure said to her students.

The students were able to tour the rest of the center after viewing the food pantry.

A canned food drive is going on currently through the Ashe County Volunteer Initiative and will benefit TSC, Ashe Services for Aging Food Pantry, Ashe Really Cares, A Safe Home for Everyone and Ashe Outreach Ministries.

The drive ends Dec. 10. Items can be dropped off at Walmart, Ingles, Food Lion, Ashe Memorial Hospital, Ashe Services for Aging, Ashe Public Library, Wilkes Community College Ashe Campus, Dollar General Store, Ashe Optometric and the Riverview Community Center.

For more information about the drive, contact Glenda Luther at (336) 246-2461 or by email at (glenda.luther@ashecountygov.com)  

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