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Camp New Hope seeks help from community

Originally published: Feb. 1, 2013
Last modified: Feb. 5, 2013

Jesse Campbell

As the flood waters from Thursday evening’s storm began to recede from the banks of the New River, Camp New Hope, a West Jefferson retreat for terminally ill children, is still reeling from the effects. 

Vicki Randolph, a camp volunteer, said the camp is “totally cut off” because flood waters have inundated the main entrance. 

“They are in dire need of help out there,” said Randolph. “They are really hoping for some help from the community. The road has big boulders, rocks, tree and debris on it. All of the gravel (has) washed away, as well.”

Randolph said there only a few resident volunteers on site now to assist with the cleanup.

“Anyone with chain saws and tractors who could help clear the road are needed this weekend,” said Randolph.

While Camp Director Randy Brown is optimistic that conditions will improve by this weekend, she knows camp volunteers face a large cleanup effort. 

“We could use some strong backs and willing able bodies to help move the trash that the flood has washed up onto the grounds,” said Brown. “We lost the furniture that was down by the river so please be in prayer about help with replacing those things. The lodge, house and McKinley’s Playhouse are still standing with no damage.”

Anyone who wishes to help with the cleanup is asked to call (336) 982-3798 or (336) 982-8099. 

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