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Judge scores one for the record books

Adam Orr/AMT
North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Sarah Parker, Special Superior Court Judge Gary Trawick and Ashe County Clerk of Court Pam Barlow celebrate Trawick’s 100-county milestone April 29 at the Ashe County Courthouse.

Originally published: May. 2, 2013
Last modified: May. 2, 2013

Adam Orr

Judge Gary Trawick can check Ashe County off his list.

The Pender County native joined an elite professional club Monday at Ashe County Courthouse as he presided over superior court — something he’s done across the state.

But Monday was special as Ashe County became the 100th county Trawick has held court in — a feat so unusual North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Sarah Parker was on hand to mark the occasion.

“May I approach the bench, your honor,” Parker said to Trawick with a smile Monday during a surprise ceremony at the beginning of the morning’s civil superior court session. “I’d like to honor this truly remarkable accomplishment.”

Parker presented Trawick with a framed certificate.

Superior court judges are elected to eight-year terms in the district in which they reside. While they normally rotate from one district to another within their division, special and emergency judges may also be assigned to particular judicial districts by the chief justice.

Trawick has been on the job since 1991, and that longevity, in part, helped him reach the 100-county milestone.

“In my career, I’ve never seen this,” Ashe County Clerk of Court Pam Barlow said. “His is a job with a lot of stress, and he’s been at this a long time. This really is a rare accomplishment.”

So rare, in fact, Trawick becomes just the seventh person in the history of the state’s justice system to earn the honor — and perhaps the last.

“And no one else is even close,” Parker said. “Budget constraints keep even special justices with their districts usually, and even more so today, but this really is a testament to the fact that Justice Trawick is one of our go-to judges.”

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